Why a sailboat propeller:

  • More speed under sail

A sailboat propeller, such as a folding propeller or feathering propeller, is a propeller while sailing occupies a position such that a minimum resistance is generated by the propeller blades. Because of this resistance difference, compared with a fixed propeller, the sailing speed could increase with an extra knot.

  • Sharper sailing

The lower resistance and turbulence  gives you the opportunity to sail closer to the wind.

Why  stainless steel :

  • One simple reason: extend the life span of your propeller.
  • SEAHAWK propellers, both the AUTOSTREAM as SLIPSTREAM series are made of stainless steel. The same material, that most shafts and sail drive shafts and parts are made of. Displays electrolysis, the notorious killer of propellers; minimizing risk.
  • Stainless steel is stronger than bronze.  Distortion of the propeller blade teeth is prevented. Bronze is a relatively soft material. By using it,  it provides distortion resulting in additional clearance in the space on the blades and hub.


  • Better feeling at the helm, with less turbulence of the propeller.
  • No need for an expensive, complex propeller shaft brake.
  • Less noise and wear of your propeller shaft and gearbox.