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roestvast FORWARD THRUST –Large blade area, coupled with the ability to easily adjust the pitch, allows ‘fine tuning’ to achieve optimum performance & fuel consumption, comparable to a fixed blade propeller. Able to be assembled in either a right or left hand configuration, and with simple pitch adjustment the same propeller can often be used should a future driveline or engine change require a different propeller setup. It is even possible to change rotation of the propeller in the water, should forward gear fail, allowing reverse to get you home in an emergency.

REVERSE THRUST – As Autostream propeller blades rotate on their axes when changing direction, they present the same leading edge of the blade to the water in both directions, resulting in equal efficiency in forward and reverse. This results in far superior performance in reverse compared to folding, fixed blade and self pitching propellers. In most installations, stopping within a boat length from speeds of 5 knots or more is possible in an emergency. The reverse pitch can be set independently of forward, allowing a fine setting to reduce ‘prop walk’ and increase pulling power, increasing your ability to back off a sandbank, or move off faster in reverse, giving control with the rudder faster.

The high strength of the 2507 super duplex stainless steel blade allows a very thin design, symmetrical in section and virtually flat, resulting in minimal drag. This becomes most apparent in light winds, when it is most important. Typically sailing speed improvements of 10-15% are realised compared to a fixed blade propeller, as is an ability to point closer to the wind. Turbulence over the rudder is also reduced, giving an improved feel on the helm. Revised internal gearing and blade design means Autostream propellers stay feathered at sailing speeds in excess of 25knots, WITHOUT the need for a shaft locking brake.



  • Simple screw & locknut pitch adjustment requires no disassembly and can be performed underwater.
  • Seals on blades & main gear retain grease to extend periods between servicing and extend the propellers life.
  • Propeller sizes 15”-20” (380-508mm) diameter.
  • Replaceable bearings throughout The user can replace the bearings when the need finally arises, unlike others that require replacement of expensive blade or body components when they wear.
  • Independent forward & reverse pitch adjustment allowing optimum ahead & reverse pitch setting (typically finer in reverse).
  • Shaft sizes to 1-3/8” / 35mm diameter (1-1/2” / 40mm with modification).
  • Rugged construction using 316L & 2507 ‘Super Duplex’ grade stainless steels Built to last.
  • Easy in water greasing Permananetly fitted grease/zerk fittings allow easy greasing, even underwater.
  • Superior propulsion astern over folding, fixed blade and self pitching propellers.
  • Sacrificial zinc anode with stainless steel core gives maximum electrolysis protection, will not come loose over time, simple one nut changing.
  • Each blade has 2 bearings for greater rigidity resulting in smoother operation & increased life.
  • Assembly screws lockwired for security.
  • Backed by a FIVE YEAR warranty.
  • Rated to 80+HP (60+kw).

FIVE YEAR warranty.

  • Additional spare Zinc Anode
  • Spare set of ‘O’ ring seals
  • Hex key for pitch adjustment screws
  • Hexagon key for fastening screws
  • Spanner for pitch adjustment screw locknuts
  • 2 lengths of locking
  • Propeller shaft nut
  • Nut locking pin
  • Cartridge of grease
  • Instruction handbook

The Autostream saildrive feathering propeller has these additional features…

  • Standard SAE16/32 spline Suits most Volvo,Yanmar, Buhk, Sonic and Selva Saildrives units.
  • Fail Safe cushion hub. Our unique cushion hub absorbs the shocks, but it is not required to transmit the drive. It cannot fail and leave you without drive.
  • Improved shaft nut locking system Autostream saildrive propellers use a special shaft nut & locking screw allowing you to securely lock wire them together. This combined with improved spline/shaft fit ensures your saildrive propeller will stay secure.
SCHROEFAS MODEL schroefasmodel

Sail Faster
The Autostream propeller blades rotate automatically, presenting a very narrow edge to water flow under sail, drag is substantially reduced, dramatically improving performance under sail. Typically speed increases are over 10-15% compared to fixed blade propellers.

Point Higher
The reduced drag allows you to maintain a course closer to the wind, getting you to the finish line, the bar or your destination earlier.

Manoeuvre with Ease
Autostream propeller blades rotate 180 degrees when changing from forward to reverse, giving the same efficiency in both directions. Reverse acceleration is faster leading to less ‘prop walk’ and giving YOU full control over which direction you head, not the propeller. The large blade area gives powerful efficient propulsion, without compromise to sailing speed.

Other benefits include:
A better “feel” on the helm due to less turbulence over the rudder.
No need for the expense & complication of a shaft brake.
Reduced noise and gearbox wear associated with a rotating prop & shaft.
Independent forward & reverse pitch adjustment, set forward for cruising and reverse for thrust / control.

When it comes to overall improvement to a sailboat, both sailing and manoeuvring,
Autostream Propellers give you the “Best Bang for your Buck”