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The Slipstream range of propellers is the result of a collaborative effort between four very experienced propeller companies, spanning three continents. This collaboration resulted in Seahawk releasing what many believe to be the very best geared folding propellers available in the world today.

  • All Stainless Steel construction for superior life. Blades and body are low carbon 316L grade stainless steel. This metal being similar to most prop shafts & saildrive internal parts is less likely to promote electrolysis than bronze, the most common killer of props.
  • Industry leading 5-year warranty
  • Enhanced product at a comparative price
  • Large Blade area for excellent thrust. The cambered, ogival (wing) shaped blade profile, provides more lift than other folding prop blades, pulling your boat through the water more efficiently. The unique blade geometry results in a smoother and more reliable opening of the blades, particularly when shifting into reverse, whilst travelling forward.
  • Saildrive models feature ‘fail-safe’ cushion hubs,
  • with integrated safety stops. This hub can even be replaced by the user should the need to arise, no need for specialist service**
  • UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) ‘Side Thrust plates’
  • Prevent metal-to-metal wear of blade on body.**
  • Blades swing on replaceable Nibral bushes These can be simply pressed out and replaced, versus the specialist work of over-sizing or welding up and re-drilling
    when worn. Blade strength is not compromised even after many rebuilds. **
  • Polyurethane ‘Bump-Stop Pads’ Reduces the ‘thump’ of the blades hitting the stops when shifting into forward and eliminates the wear of the blade hitting the body.**
  • All wear components are user-serviceable, with “self-service” kits available when the time comes to refurbish the propeller. (** Indicates items are included in Kit)
  • 12-20” Shaft & Saildrive 7/8” to 1-1/2” in ISO 10:1, SAE 16:1 or British 12:1 (customs tapers available) All standard saildrive shafts including Volvo, Yanmar, Buhk, Nanni & more.
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